Friday, 1 February 2013

Hate mail from Diamond Way

Here is a selection of the hate mail sent by Diamond Way members to a former member.

Are you seeing a doctor about your condition ??? I suggest you find a hobby or try to get out more !!! Get a life…. get a girlfriend or a boyfriend… dont bother replying,,, I am bored wiv your drivel….

I'm not interested in dealing with your problems. You're not much serious nor convincing. knowing them, they're completely transparent and people I met there look happy.
Still I hope you find peace and happiness

Don’t you have anything else to do than creating multiple alias on the internet in order to spread false information? I am pretty sure this kind of false accusations is illegal, so drop this before you force anyone to turn you in. Stop with your silly accusations. Hope you get well…

Lama Ole Nydahl transmits the highest flawless teachings. He can switch rainbows on in the sky at will. I informed Dafyyd of these filthy lies as soon as I got it to warn other diamond way practitioners about this mindless slander.

are u allright? drugs maybe? So u might suffer from a distorted view of reality, inability to think and act coherently or both. Either way, you will not get anywhere, I will be here long after you are taken off to a mental institution. But thanks for the entertainment you provide with your "insightful" comments, I hope you appreciate my comments as well:0) 

How dare you continue this stupid slander against his most holiness Lama Ole Nydahl?! This mindless slander must be the work of some loser who is probably mentally ill, stupid or a criminal. Losers only slander Diamond Way Buddhism when they have something to hide themselves! Why else would you try to project your hopelessness onto the most ethical group on the planet? 



  1. Well, this is one of the rainbows that Ole can switch in the sky at will. This picture was taken from his Facebook site. Photoshop or lens flare?

  2. He was fooled by Uri Geller. More about this here:

  3. Ole was abusive with a Hungarian woman who questioned him during her Origo interview with him. More about this here: